Linda R. Wommack is a Colorado native, writer and historical consultant.


She is the author of several books on Colorado history, a contributing editor for True West Magazine, a contributing writer for Wild West Magazine, contributor to three anthologies of Western Americana and an active member of the Wild West History Association.

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New by Linda Wommack

Cripple Creek, Bob Womack

and The Greatest Gold Camp on Earth

On October 20, 1890, Bob Womack struck gold and staked his El Paso mining claim at Poverty Gulch, which eventually ignited the greatest gold rush in Colorado's history.  During Bob's lifetime, over two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of gold was mined from the Cripple Creek Mining District, which Womack was instrumental in establishing.


The legacy of Robert "Bob" Miller Womack will forever remain as the discoverer of "The Greatest Gold Camp On Earth."

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Colorado's Historic Churches

Colorado's houses of worship reflect the same trademark resourcefulness and fortitude that the pioneers and history makers demonstrated throughout the state's history.  Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, established in 1854, remains the state's oldest church.  Formed by a group of African American settlers, including former slaves, Zion Baptist became Colorado's first black congregation on November 15, 1865.  On May 23, 1868, famed frontiersman Christopher "Kit" Carson died in the historic chapel at Fort Lyon.  And thanks to con artist Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith, who raised $600, Creede erected its first church in 1892.


Historian Linda Wommack surveys the heritage and wealth of holy houses in the Mile High State.

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Home to the last gold rush in America, Teller County attracted a slew of peculiar characters. And many never left.

This is the first full-length biography of an extraordinary woman in Colorado's history.

Forty-two of riveting murder cases that made headlines during Denver's first century.

The majestic homes of Colorado's yesteryear and the families who lived in them.

The fascinating stories of thirty Landmark classified Colorado hotels for travelers and history buffs.

Colorado's soiled doves are brought to life through in-depth research and never before published photographs.

An essential tool for any who wish to find the final resting place of Colorado's founders and forefathers.

Small vignettes of the people who were part of the "Greatest Gold Camp on Earth."

Includes such colorful and famous gamblers as Doc Holliday, Soapy Smith, Luke Short and others.

Written with the help of Mrs. Graf's 4th grade class.  Includes illustrations drawn by the students themselves.


An encyclopedia of westward expansion from Jamestown to the closing of the frontier, edited by James A. Crutchfield

This anthology of Old West history includes the Sand Creek Massacre by Linda Wommack.

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