Denver, Colorado has become one the nation s major metropolitan areas. But since its founding in 1858, Denver has seen its share of violence and mayhem. In Murder in the Mile High City: The First 100 Years, author Linda Wommack, aided by fellow writer and researcher Linda Jones, describes forty-two of riveting murder cases that made headlines during Denver's first century. The cases range from the married socialite who was the cause of the death of one of two of her lovers neither of whom was her husband to man who planted a bomb on the United Airlines plane carrying his mother, giving him the dubious distinction of being responsible for the first airborne terror attack. Wommack also examines the role played by Denver newspapers in the prosecution of the accused.

"I just finished reading Linda Wommack’s newest book, Murder in the Mile High City.  It is an interesting read about some of the most heinous crimes in the Capitol City, with short stories on the Suspects, Victims, and the Investigators that worked the cases.


The stories take one back to an era before high tech forensics and computer databases, where a reliance on a lawman’s instincts and keen senses of observation are what it took to solve a crime.  Old West lawmen like David J. Cook and his Deputies in the Rocky Mountain Detective Association played a significant role in many of the major crimes in the late 19th Century.  Linda's choices in tales told also reinforces that the 1920's was the deadliest decade for Cops in the 20th Century, primarily driven by Prohibition and the Gangsters that sprang out of it.


The stories also show that the foulest of deeds...Murder..., knows no calendar, nor single generation, and as long as man is a conscious, thinking creature, he is capable of anger, envy, or simply a desire to avoid consequences, and in many cases will not let another stand in his way.


The book was of particular interest to me, as I patrol some of those locations where these incidents took place.


I would definitely recommend reading for any fan of the crime genre."


—Sgt. Dean Christopherson
President, Denver Police Museum

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